A Program of ASTAR Trust



The ASTAR Tribe has been established as a sovereign entity within the Sukanagin Tribe – a sovereign entity set apart from the secular systems. A part of the ASTAR Tribe is the ASTAR Trust and the Automated Resource-based Commerce program of exchange (ARC) which facilitates the integration of timeless wisdom with the findings of modern science. The ASTAR Trust supports proactive programs providing solutions to challenges facing humanity.

ASTAR’s FREE Automated Resource-based Credits (ARC) system is an advanced independent online data exchange service providing a direct, peer-to-peer exchange of goods and services. ARC includes a validation process in which participants can identify their natural resource assets, have them validated and credited as Resource-credits (R-credits) and deposited in their personal credit account. Natural resource assets include such things as education, life experience, work experience, and other values, including your very existence, because each person has value.

Each person’s R-credits reside in their confidential, encrypted accounts, and are registered on a privacy-coded public ledger where they can be pledged in direct, person-to-person exchanges. R-credits are backed by dedicated natural resources,  and are interchangeable with any other forms of exchange in any community on the globe. This makes them far more valuable than fiat digital money which has no backing.

Data exchange information is managed by  ASTAR’s Automated Resource-based Credit exchange system (ARC), using a Multidimensional Information Management System (herein MIMS) which provides an authentic, automatic, and safe history of all data exchanges, and holds each participant’s identity confidential while being public at the same time.

Exchanges among participants for goods and services occur through an exchange of data using available R-Credits in an individual’s accounts.  Exchanges are made through the use of a data exchange card (Smart Card), used like any credit or debit card.

The purpose of ASTAR’s ARC Global Exchange System is to provide a resource-based means of exchange that is independent from external digital control. All deposits of R-Credits made in an ARC account are backed by real assets that can, at any moment, be utilized by the participant in exchange for their R-credits.

ARC services are private; and are free of charge, with data exchange services being available online to anyone via the internet.

Assets used as forms of interchange in ARC include your personal identification.  The existence of your birth certificate serves as a bond and backs your credits. (Birth certificate bonds are highly valued among all nations and used continually by traditional banks as bonds to finance their own operations.)

Other examples of assets include: natural resources such as land you own, buildings, food you are growing, water, livestock, minerals, energy production, intellectual property, tools, machine, equipment; and personal contributions to society such as services communications, education, government, management, waste management systems, pollution cleanup, humanitarian projects and more.

Asset Value is measured and determined by a validation system that takes into consideration local conditions. Validation and pledging of credits is a process governed by Natural Law which evaluates based on demand, availability, biological balance and degree of support for sustainability.

Participation begins with ARC registration, followed by open examination and confirmation of your resources through the validation system. Once a resource value is determined and R-credits are assigned, an account is opened for you where R-credits are deposited into your account. This transaction is privately recorded in ARC using MIMS. A secure ARC Smart Card is issued free of charge or fees. The Smart Card is used like any credit or debit card, as it interacts with your personal account. The entire ARC program is free of charge to all participants making exchanges.

Registration is open to everyone world-wide.  Each participant maintains their own secured online record of their deposits and withdrawals, making confidential exchanges with others possible.

Security is assured within ASTAR’s advanced computer technology used in ARC which is insulated from outside interference by several layers of security.

The philosophy of ASTAR and ARC is derived from insight and wisdom of tribal elders to embrace people of all walks of life as they progress together in prosperity in a spirit of natural oneness.