About Us


In response to environmental challenges and stresses that have been placed on the earth and all its life forms, causing wars and extinctions, all ASTAR programs are dedicated to support all people on a fair and equal basis to work together to create a more balanced way of life, leading to harmonic balance with each other and with Nature.

To fulfill its mission ASTAR supports and helps fund the following types of programs:

  • Automated Resource-based Commerce (ARC) a direct exchange system
  • International Trade and Service
  • Holodynamic World University
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Multidimensional Information Management Systems (MIMS)
  • Justice Center and Judicial Information Management Systems
  • Phoenix Remediation Parks
  • Health and Wellness
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • American Food Authority
  • Food Hub Networks
  • Humanitarian Projects
  • Disaster Relief
  • Environmental Balance
  • Other programs as will be identified

Key terms are defined below:


Automated Resource-based Commerce (ARC) is a direct automated global data exchange system that enables direct peer-to-peer exchanges of goods and services. Upon entry into the program, assets are validated and assigned credits (R-credits) which are deposited in each participant’s account for future exchange.   ARC is a Smart Card system offering credit exchange services

International Trade and Service establishes independent co-equal channels of trade and currency exchanges internationally among all people.

Holodynamic World University provides a comprehensive scientific knowledge base that outlines how students can educate themselves in minimal time and unfold not only their own potential but learn how to aid others to do the same.

Telecommunication Systems provide advanced, private, global tele-communication system for everyone.

Multidimensional Information Management System (MIMS) presents a high quality, comprehensive information management system that maintains the ARC system of exchange, as well as handling various project details.

 Judicial Information Management System program uses MIMS to manage data on each case in a Justice Center where a Judge can, at the touch of a button on a computer, call up all information pertinent to a case

Phoenix Remediation Parks provide advanced methods of transforming waste, garbage, pollutants and contaminants, creating from them valuable new resources.

Health and Wellness programs are multidimensional, and include all factors from simple to complex, including sponsorship of mobile medical and dental facilities that reach into remote areas.

Renewable Energy Systems support all types of alternative energy; wind, moving water, solar, biochemical, fusion, geothermal, thorium nuclear energy and others.

American Food Authority supports healthy, fresh local food production using the latest technologies.  It measures the nutritional level of food, and certifies the level of value. It also measures any contaminants in the water, soil or air, and makes this knowledge public.

Food Hub Networks provide centralized locations for collection and distribution of locally grown food, as well as overseeing the marketing and networking components.

Humanitarian Projects are designed to provide balance in the eco-system and ensure all people can obtain a high standard of living.

Disaster Relief mitigates the effects of environmental events, including changes in weather patterns and other disasters, large and small, for both short and longer term.

Environmental Balance program improves biological balance to the world.

ASTAR Pledge to the Earth
I pledge allegiance to the Earth
And the united State of Nature,
And to the life that it supports
One environment,
Sustaining us with
Precious resources,
Trusted to our care
To be given respect and thanks