Governing Principles

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In today’s world, serious challenges have been created by certain secular aspects of the human element which have imposed limitations where Natural Law has been ignored.  Solutions to these challenges are emerging from a broader framework and dimension than that in which the challenges were created.  This is a natural part of our evolution.  ASTAR has coupled ancient wisdom with the findings of modern natural science to create a vehicle for solution.

Solutions are found when networks of people create co-equal cooperative parallel systems of interaction and resource-based financing that protects person-to-person interactions without interference from outsiders.

The Laws of Nature and Science

In brief, the Laws of Nature that are relevant to finding solutions are:

1. Universal: embracive: interconnected field of consciousness; everything is made of dynamic information (holodynamic) and is conscious.

Whereas secular laws (as in Maritime Law) are polarized, abrasive and at war to overpower and control, solutions require co-equal relations and cooperation.

2. Multidimensional: there are at least 6 scientifically identified dimensions beyond the range of human senses.

When governments, businesses, churches, schools and social organizations are focused on only three or four dimensions and are oblivious to the rest, they miss the solutions which are usually found within the other dimensions.

3. Scientific: Those who are scientific are dedicated to experiencing reality.

Secular perspectives have constructed a “religion” they call “science” which is  confined to a linear process of hypothecation, testing and verification. When confined to a religious, legal and rational mental state, proposed solutions are  ten to the thirty-ninth power off base. The Laws of Nature, however, are universal, not confined, and unveil real solutions.

4. Implicate Order:  Natural Law shows that everything is formed and driven by a built-in order. Everything grows and evolves according to Fractal Scalar Law. Life for all forms is about unfolding life potential.

Those who focus on the explicate order take a view that limits them to observation when, in reality, they are causing the conscious field to respond according to their focus. Solutions are found in the implicate order where there are few limitations.  The universe is conscious and responsive.

5. The Holographic Universe: Everything appears in physical form because everything is a projection from a more complex hyperspacial dimension.

When a person embraces a hyperspacial perspective they can expand their understanding of reality and what is possible.  Without the hyperspacial perspective our view is limited to what can be seen through the screens that cover our senses and create perceived limitations.

6. Conflict Resolution: All life forms are unique. Conflicting self-interest is common, and requires resolution through communication and negotiation.

Nature resolves differences through the application of communication, collaboration, cooperation and adaptability that considers both individual and collective self-interest.  In order to mature the human species we must embody the Laws of Nature if we want to survive and thrive.

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Choice: Varying interests provide opportunities for consciousness to unfold and mature.  In every situation, choice exists. Choice is an essential part of the universe. It exists outside the bounds of time, in hyperspace and integrates the past, present and future together in this physical realm. We chose to be here at this time and in this moment. We have also chosen our challenges (outside of time) in order to unfold their solutions in this dimension.  All problems are caused by their solutions.  Our job is to unfold the solutions.

8. Information is Self-organizing: Life is self-organizing. Consciousness is self-organizing.  Humans are becoming more conscious each day.

As an example, the first life forms appeared 4.5 billion years ago. They were a primitive form of bacteria (Eukaryotes) that processed minerals in the water and multiplied rapidly until they filled the waters of the world. They had one problem: they polluted the water with Oxygen which was lethal to them. According to the records in the rocks they were threatened with extinction. As a solution one of them decided to crawl inside of another one, and a new species emerged: single celled Prokaryotes that soon developed into multiple celled bacteria that were symbiotic. They developed into magnificent Radiolarians that were as complex as any architecture today.

Even our DNA responds to its environment. It hears what we say in our own language and responds accordingly. Every atom will respond to the right frequencies and even reverse time for itself and its cells. Diseases are the same. They are conscious systems.

It is clear that bacteria responded to their environment.  They teamed up to balance the biosphere in orchestration with the symbiotic harmony of life.  They were connected to dimensions outside of time.  They laid a foundation that allowed future generations to survive and thrive.  They were creative, responsive, adaptable and interconnected.

9. Life is symbiotic: Like all life forms, our bodies are symbiotic. Each body contains more than 5 trillion life forms working together. These trillions of life forms are symbiotic, leading the way for humans to be the same.

Bacteria solved their pollution problems. They cleaned up the ocean. They balanced the atmosphere and invented systems that served their needs. They created a balanced biosphere, and so can people because solutions are natural.

Dozens of books have been written on solutions. They show that solutions are found within the Laws of Nature. They are naturally and scientifically revealed.

These Natural Laws go back to the beginning of life on earth, and ASTAR is committed to applying these laws to everyday life and teaching others to do the same. It’s about sustainability and environmental balance.


We have available cutting edge technologies that will assist in the unfolding of solutions to some of the most serious conditions ever faced by the planet.  These emerging technologies will bring forth new opportunities for all.

ASTAR applies a knowledge base that is dynamic, and always developing and evolving. It comes from the best of science integrated with the wisdom of the past and aligned with the needs of future generations. It’s part of one, whole dynamic life system.

In order to balance the biosphere and create sustainable communities in which future generations can not only survive but can, by choice, thrive, it is essential we learn to abide by Natural Law.

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