Global Exchange Program



In the emergent world economy, ARC is the next step: a peer-to-peer direct exchange of goods and services backed by natural resources of all kinds (assets). Commerce is simple and direct.

The ARC exchange system is digitized, secure and available to all at the touch of button. Transactions are completed in seconds and communication is available in any language. Its efficiency and stability far surpasses any other method of commerce.

ARC digitizes assets into resource currency (R-currency). Each asset is automatically evaluated prior to the value being deposited in personal accounts (Wallets) as credits (R-credits). Each account is encrypted on a Public Ledger that ensures all parties involved in a sale or exchange are assured of accuracy.  If you are offering a product (such as food) you really do have the food. When the food is delivered the R-credits are transferred to the seller.

The ARC’s Public Ledger is open to deposits of verifiable assets. The Public Ledger is a tracking vehicle for use by all participants. The assets are deposited in individual ARC accounts and assigned credits according to the fair, localized value of the specific asset. Each is processed according to accepted value, and includes such categories as:

1. Living Stock: tress, plants, agriculture, food …

2. Live Stock: animals ….

3. Dead Stock: stock markets, bonds, promissory notes,

Wall Street …

4. Mineral Stock: gold, silver, platinum …

5. Energy Stock: renewable, combustible …

6. Creative Stock: arts, education, science, intellectual property …

7. Human Stock: anyone born (birth certificate) …

8. Consciousness Stock: ethics, morals, communication …

9. Transportation Stock: cars, trucks, boats …

10. Manufacturing Stock: plants, manufacturing processes …

11. Environmental Stock: being in harmony with the environment …

12. And any other forms of Stock determined by agreement among the participants.

The purpose of ARC is to serve as a resource-backed digital-age payment system operating independently from any external control. It’s person-to-person exchange of goods and services of all kinds.

ARC transforms the monetary and financial world from the ground up – commerce is based on personal human choice rather than external imposition and control. ARC is the future of commerce.

From a bird’s-eye-view of what’s been happening over the last century: mass media has taken over information control, letters have become emails, television has become You Tube, telephones have become pocket video computers, and online banking has digitized economics. The path is clear: all commerce is being digitized. Contracts can be verbal, recorded and legalized in seconds. ARC provides a way for goods and services to be exchanged, resource credits assigned, and projects implemented in the most efficient and universal way possible.

Just as the public has discovered that social networks like Facebook and Skype can be linked to smartphones via apps that can assist them in everything from traffic to finding an eating establishment or watching a movie, they will soon realize that the new money-management   system is natural and easy to use. The benefits of ARC are far beyond what many people yet realize. The market pressure of the old system of money control with its central banks and special interest groups is transformed into a system of peer-to-peer exchanges. ARC liberates economics and turns exchanges back to the people in a public network of instant digitalized secured communication on the Internet.

R-credits vs Money

ARC and R-credits are better than money. People who use ARC every day treat R-credits just like money except there is no central control over ARC. No Central Bank or World Monitory Fund or banking control is necessary. R-credits are backed by participant’s accredited assets.

R-credits can be exchanged among people for any type of currency. The currency exchange rate is known and automatically tabulated. It’s always fair to everyone involved.

Even those who are not part of the ARC system can become involved. Their claim to assets can be evaluated and accredited in one motion. People can communicate directly with each other in their own language and be understood by someone who does not speak their language. It’s all done through ARC. Each transaction is tabulated and R-credits are exchanged for assets and records are recorded on the Public Ledger. It’s peer-to-peer direct.

The economic system is stabilized because R-credits are based on what is real and the value remains constant no matter what is happening in the old system. The value of food, for example, remains stable and, therefore, the R-credits required are constant. Those who try to influence the price can be counteracted immediately by those who can provide food for a stable price. It’s done in microseconds.


The ARC installs in the user’s computer and transmits each transaction to nearby nodes which, in turn sends it throughout the network. Participating is as easy as pushing a button. The rest is automated. It’s like putting money in the bank. You put your assets in your own private account in the Public Ledger.

Easy to Use

What makes ARC superior other system?  It is free and available to all.  People can use it as desired.   It’s part of a global free society that is emerging on the planet. It’s easy, convenient and totally secure.

The system is automated, and the computer does all the work. The act of exchanging credits does not require that anyone send or receive cash. In each exchange of goods and services people modify their credit balances. A Smart Card is used like current debit or credit cards.

The names of those who are involved in the exchanges are confidential, as they occur through a coding system; however exchange transactions are public information and easily accessible.

Benefits of ARC

The ARC system is designed to credit each participant with sufficient credits, and is designed to take care of basic needs such as housing, food, healthcare, transportation, communication, etc. leading to individual freedom of choice that encourages the potentialization of each individual.

Personal assets encompass unique talents, experience and education, as well as creative and career endeavors that are evaluated and issued as R-credits. From the birth of a child, through its training and job placements – all people are able to be awarded with R-credits.

Other benefits of ARC are:

  1. Confidence in R-currency increases confidence in the future of society by eliminating the interference of third parties in transactions.
  2. Provides a secure way to transfer savings from banks and other places and deposit them as assets with credits in the Public Leger where they are secure and available for use.
  3. Eliminates transaction costs.  The ARC system is free of charge and fees to each user.
  4. Simplifies and accelerates exchanges dispensing with unwanted intermediaries.
  5. Participants are anonymous if they desire.
  6. Facilitates exchanges anywhere, ignoring geographic and political barriers.
  7. Provides transparency of exchanges.  Users to not need to reveal their identities.
  8. Supports complex transactions (escrow, deposit insurance, guarantees, mediation, etc.) with solid cryptographic support for all participants.
  9. Is available 24/7/365.
  10. Make micropayments available on a large scale.
  11. Prevents the freezing of funds.
  12. Prevents chargebacks.
  13. Eliminates arbitrary restrictions of goods and services that may be purchased.
  14. Stores the accumulation of large amounts of credits within a micro space.
  15. Is easily secured and does not need to resort to a third party for safekeeping and/or transfer.
  16. Can be stored in multiple locations simultaneously.
  17. Does not rely on a third party or legal system to preserve its value.
  18. Provides protection against all forms of theft of all kinds.  The technology on which ARC protocol is several times safer than that used by banks and credit cards.
  19. Cannot be removed or hacked into by legal/computer attacks due to its decentralized nature.
  20. Cannot be forged.
  21. Assets become directly applicable to humanitarian projects of a participant’s choice.
  22. Facilitates personal involvement in making a difference in solving complex problems in both local and global arenas.
  23. Is easily and instantly recognizable.
  24. Is infinitely divisible.
  25. Facilitates participant’s becoming donors rather than debtors

Getting Started

It’s easy. You just link into the site, push the deposit button, and enter your data. The first step in getting ARC into your operating system is to obtain a “wallet”. The ARC wallet is a file needed to send and receive R-credits. This file contains your R-credits as cryptographic keys (unique, secret, private keys) that confirm your ownership of R-credits and allow transactions.  The wallet is software that keeps track of your R-credits and allows you to use them in your transactions.  Refer to tutorial for details of participation.

Once your wallet set up you can deposit R-credits as received from exchanged goods and services.  Assets can also be received based on the value of assets dedicated to the system, such as property or other resources as defined in program details.

In Conclusion

ARC replaces current forms of currency.  It transcends artificial borders and boundaries.  It is available to everyone worldwide, leveling the playing field for exchanges.  ARC is a new way of exchanging goods and services which frees everyone to reach their full potential in the best way possible.