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A User’s Guide to
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  • By and For the People
  • Free and Open to Everyone
  • Backed by Dedicated Natural Resources
  • Based on Sound Economics


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ARC Financial Vehicle

How the ARC Program Functions

Summary of the ARC System                            

How to Open an ARC Account

How to Add Credits to Your Account

How to Withdraw Credits from Your Account
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How to Receive Credits for Assets
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The ASTAR Automated Resource-based Commerce System (ARC) is designed for ownership by everyone participating.  It is by-the-people and for-the-people, safe from those who would use a monetary system for their own personal gain.  Transactions and exchange of data for goods and services via ARC create a sound economic system which ends the game of inflation and deflation and allows economic balance.

In the ARC system everything has value, including people, plants, animals, projects, minerals, technology, education, and more.  A person has value in consideration of talents, skills and chosen productivity.  Simply being born creates a value that warrants free education and healthcare.  Assets in and on the land create value that exceeds the needs of all humans for healthy, compatible living on the earth. Fair value is established for all “hard” and “soft” assets.  ARC changes value into credits that can be exchanged online.

The ARC system works hand in hand with the new technologies, meeting both individual and collective needs.  Individual needs include food, water, shelter, healthcare, education.  The collective impact includes cleaning up the planet, implementation of technologies to remediate waste, free energy systems, healthy growing systems and more.  It creates new opportunities for project contribution for participants at all levels throughout the system.

The system has been designed by a team of sovereign individuals who generously dedicated their time, expertise, guidance and resources to ensure that a sound and fair monetary system is available to all people world-wide.  The development of ARC was made possible from contributions and assets entered into the system from groups dedicated to humanitarian benefits.  The system is designed to improve the overall quality life for all people, to help expand opportunities and to create solutions far beyond the boundaries of the current monetary system.

ARC Financial Vehicle

The ARC System provides an automated, resource-based financial vehicle within which all people everywhere may participate directly with each other in the exchange of goods and services.  The process is both transparent and confidential. The system is free of the traditional checks, bank loans, and various other aspects within the current system that have resulted in inflated consumer costs, hidden “double” payments, and self-serving agendas.

Goods and services are exchanged with Resource Credits (R-credits)  at prices established between the parties in the exchange, free of external price-fixing and imposed inflation.  Credits represent the fair market value that is assigned to the assets a participant elects to submit for participation into the system. All entries are recorded on a secured Public Ledger using secure, encrypted codes. Individual participant information remains private, while transactions are made public to ensure the transparency and fairness of the system.

The ARC system is free of third party manipulations, shims and false assumptions which historically have caused the collapse of monetary systems around the world.  ARC stands on a solid foundation of natural resources, and is based on fairness, transparency and confidentiality.  It is designed for the people/by the people, and is accessible to people everywhere via the internet.  ARC is accessible through its app from any internet connective device.

ARC programming has considered what will be needed to produce a global system that will be long-lasting, with the flexibility for future adjustments built into the initial program.  ARC is designed to allow a period of transition from the old system to the new.

Participants can enter the system with any amount according to their choice.  It is backed by the solid, valuable assets of all participants, and as such honors the value of all.  Assets will be valued in accordance with the current set of values and adjust over time as the system expands.  Variances in the state of economic health of different economies around the world are expected to influence the speed at which the new system becomes fully utilized.  Since everyone has value for being born, everyone already has abundant assets.

“Real” assets are considered for “pledging”, including personal talents.  (Click here for asset definitions in the clearing house section – Under Construction)  Examples include land and buildings, renewable energy systems, food production activities, minerals, various resources, vehicles, equipment, trees, and similar physical assets.  Also of value to pledge are “personal” assets such as a person’s skill level, education level, professional experience, special talents, state of consciousness, sensitivity to environmental issues, etc.  Values are based on what the collective system of exchange determines is real and fair.

Assets are converted into credits, digitized and placed into the ARC online system through ARC Bank, a commercial credit bank that is totally independent from any central bank.  Identification numbers are used to maintain confidentiality of all participants.  The details of the exchange such as product and payment are transparently shown in a public ledger which insulates the system and protects participants from inappropriate, illegal or unfair transactions.  ARC provides a way for goods and services to be exchanged, and resource credits assigned and projects implemented in the most efficient and universal way possible for all participants , in micro-seconds.

How the ARC Program Functions

Resource Credits (R-Credits):  Participation in ARC (a digital system) is available to anyone who pledges validated assets as “R-Credits” which are the result from participants’ pledging various assets determined to have value within the system.  The value of the assets is determined by measurements that include a variety of considerations, including fair value of hard assets (determined through an impartial clearing house), regional and cultural considerations and more.  (Click here for asset definitions in the clearing house section – Under Construction) A sophisticated formula within the clearing house function provides an evaluation that is as fair as possible to all.

Assets submitted for review are assigned r-credits, after which the participant can agree to the value and register the assets online in the ARC Public Ledger.  Inclusion on the Public Ledger provides the vehicle for peer-to-peer digital exchanges of products and services via credits over the Internet.

R-credits are better than money because there is no central control over ARC, such as a central bank or world monetary fund.  R-credits can be exchanged among individuals and businesses for any type of currency.  The international currency exchange is automatically tabulated.  A translation program is built into the system so communications can be shared in any language.  The economic system is stable because r-credits are based on real asset values.  Values remain fair and constant as they are determined by the participants instead of outside influences.

ARC Account:  The entering of assets or credits into the system is similar to depositing money into a bank account.  Each person in the system will have “natural” credits in their account which occur as a result of their birth, education, life-skills, and more.  Participants can add or spend their credits as desired.  The assets entered into the system are retained in the participants’ accounts, and remain in the name of the participant unless specifically transferred.

The owner’s account will increase or decrease based on the deposits and withdrawals made.  It functions like a debit card. All assets pledged into the owner’s account are represented by credits that can be accessed any time for purchases.

R-Cards:  Cards similar to debit cards are used for exchanges.  Credits and debits are automatically registered onto the card each time a transaction occurs.  Separate cards can be issued for separate accounts such as personal and business.  Cards can be used for processing transactions of any size.  There is no limit to the number of times a card can be used in any period of time.  Transactions are recorded on the ARC Public Ledger.

ARC Public Ledger:  The Public Ledger is an inclusive, secured, private, digitalized, interactive spreadsheet that provides participants open access to transaction updates and confirmations of all digitized credits.  This creates the exchange vehicle for person-to-person transactions.  The unique programming used to create the ledger and the associated asset values combine to create a system that transforms the current monetary system into a healthy, thriving, living and fair system for all participants, free from outside interference.

Security:  Transactions on the ARC system are decentralized—free of a controlling authority and under participant control.  All data becomes encrypted through a layered-security system into codes that protect the names of participants and the assets within accounts, creating complete privacy of the transactions being made between participants.  Transactions are public and individuals remain confidential through the coding system.

Cost:  The system is FREE to participants as a result of the generous asset and monetary gifts of true humanitarians.

Certified Resource Backing:  The ARC system is backed by a substantial resource base which has been evaluated by certified, independent clearing houses in establishing real and accurate local values suitable to the variances inherent within a global economic system.  A wide range of variables is considered in creating a system that is fair and equitable to all participants, regardless of their physical location.

Speed and Accuracy:  An advanced computer system makes possible transaction times that are reduced to micro-seconds within a layered, encrypted and secure environment.  The transaction process includes:  verifying ownership, value, available credits, and exchange processing.  Whereas the current system passes through a series of “stops and starts” as it processes transactions, the ARC system flows directly between/among participants in the exchange in one flawless move.

Participant Communications:    The ARC system will open a global communication system, designed to connect any entity in need of a product or service with appropriate suppliers.  Participants can create a post to be viewed by others who are in a position to address their interest.   This applies to day-to-day exchanging, as well as global humanitarian endeavors.  For example, if there are needs that result from a natural disaster, these needs can be posted on the public ledger for immediate viewing by those who are called to respond, and the instantaneous view of the current needs results in the most effective responses possible.

Marketing:  Products and services being offered by those in the system are posted on the public ledger as being available to those seeking the products and services.  Those interested can review the available sources and proceed with communica-tions on a one-to-one basis.

Summary of the ARC System

  1. Confidence in R-Credits increases confidence in the future of society by eliminating the interference of third parties in transactions;
  2. Provides a secure way to pull savings out of banks and other places and     place them as assets with credits in the Public Ledger where they are secure and open for use;
  3. ARC lowers transaction costs;
  4. Simplifies and accelerates exchanges dispensing with unwanted  intermediaries;
  5. Participants are anonymous when desired
  6. Allows exchanges anywhere, regardless of geographic and political boundaries;
  7. Fosters transparency through an accessible record;
  8. Supports complex transactions such as escrow, deposit insurance, guarantees, mediation, etc. with solid cryptographic support for all sides and types of rules and conditions that are freely agreed upon by all parties;
  9. Available at all times with no down time for holidays or weekends;
  10. Makes micropayments available on a large scale;
  11. Prevents the freezing of funds;
  12. Prevents charge backs;
  13. Eliminates arbitrary restrictions of goods and services that may be purchased;
  14. Stores the accumulation of large amounts of credits within a micro space;
  15. Is easily secured and does not need to resort to a third party for safekeeping and/or transfer;
  16. Multiple location storage simultaneously;
  17. Does not rely on a third party or legal system to preserve its value;
  18. Provides protection against all forms of theft, including taxes: the technology on which ARC protocol is based is several times safer than that used by banks and credit card services;
  19. Cannot be removed or hacked into by legal/computer attacks due to its decentralized nature;
  20. Cannot be forged;
  21. Assets become directly applicable to humanitarian projects of choice;
  22. People can personally become involved in making a difference in solving complex problems in both local and global arenas;
  23. ARC is easily and instantly recognizable;
  24. Is infinitely divisible; and
  25. Participants become donors rather than debtors.

How to Open Your ARC Account

  1. Connect to the Internet using any computer or hand-held device.
  2.  Access and click the menu button “Install ARC App”.
  3. Follow instructions to install ARC app.
  4. Enter requested data which will set up the secure and confidential personal account.  You may open as many accounts as desired.

Note:  The Account is a file that enables you to deposit, withdraw, send and receive R-Credits as cryptographic keys (unique, secret, private keys) that confirm your ownership of R-Credits and allow ARC to transfer payments the same as you transfer money in any bank account.  There is no limit to the number of accounts a person or business may have.

How to Add Credits to Your Account

  1. Log into your account using your established security code.
  2. Click on “Transfer Cash” for cash transactions, or
  3. Click on “Transfer Credits” for R-Credit exchange transactions, (Under Construction) or
  4. Click on “Transfer Assets” for related transactions. (Under Construction)

How to Withdraw Credits from Your Account

  1. Log into your account using your established security code.
  2. Click on “Transfer Cash” for cash transactions, or
  3. Click on “Transfer Credits” for R-Credit exchange transactions, (Under Construction) or
  4. Click on “Transfer Assets” for related transactions. (Under Construction)